The Naked Team

Roynn Lisa Simmons—Producer, Director
Creative Director, Fingerpost Productions
An eight-time Emmy Award winner, Roynn Lisa Simmons has produced documentaries, docudramas, and entertainment specials for regional and national public television.  Recent honors include an Emmy Award for Orphan Orca: Saving Springer and a Gracie Award for Religion and Politics: An American Challenge. In Naked, Simmons documents Meredith Gray’s struggles to find appropriate treatment for breast cancer and explores the importance of breasts in defining feminine beauty.

Claudia Hehr—Photographer
Claudia Hehr, a German-born photographer decided to venture out overseas after finishing a photography program in Stuttgart.
She has never looked back since.
Based in New York City since 2003 she brings a love for personal and up-close photography to her commercial work, which has appeared in many American and international publications.
In her intimate portrait of Meredith Gray for “NAKED”, she finds beauty in pain, captures courage and strength and uses her camera to paint dramatic physical landscapes.
“What I love about photography is being able to document and at the same time be a part of a moment in someone’s life. It gives me a special connection with the person that I wouldn’t experience without the camera in front of me.”

Jasmin Reuter – Composer
Jasmin Reuter was born and raised in Germany. After High School she started studies of Audio Engineering at ‘University of Applied Science of Media’ in Stuttgart Germany. There she focused on creating music and sound design for short movies and documentaries. After graduating in 2007 she was awarded a renowned Fulbright scholarship that allowed her to start film scoring studies at ‘Berklee College of Music’ in Boston. She moved back to Germany in Winter 2009 and got accepted into a master’s degree in film scoring at ‘filmacademy Ludwigsburg’ in Germany, which she has been attending since Fall 2010.

Garrison Gunter – Digital Media Guru
Photographer and Graphic Designer with a specialty in Brand Imaging. Strong knowledge of Macintosh operating systems and file management in a collaborative design environment. A background in education with a focus on HOW we learn translates right into communication design.

Denise Alicea – Digital Media Goddess
Writer and artist with a speciality in Marketing and Public Relations.  Knowledge of Macintosh operating systems, software application, social networking and publishing.  A background in marketing online, public relations, and creative writing.

Thom Pollard – Videographer
Creative Diector- Eyes Open Productions
Thom Pollard has won many international awards, including an Emmy and a CINE Golden Eagle.  He travels the country as a keynote speaker for events, schools, and corporations, using his adventure photography as a backdrop for his motivational themes.

Zachary Hawley—Videographer
Zachary Hawley is currently studying film at the City College of New York.  He completed the Connecticut Feature Film Industry Training Program in 2008, concentrating on camera operation under the tutelage of David Elkins, SOC, a professional cameraman with a long list of Hollywood and teaching credentials.

Afton Grant—Steadicam Operator
A native of New England now living in New York City, Afton Grant was inadvertently introduced to the Steadicam in 1986 when he first saw the film Aliens, in which a few of the characters wield very large guns, suspended from their bodies by a mysterious and fascinating piece of equipment—a Steadicam arm.  He designed and developed an industry Web site devoted to the study and appreciation of Steadicam operators and their work ( and promotes the Steadicam as a true storytelling tool, a way of executing the vision of the director while always considering the experience of the audience who will watch the finished product.


Naked exposes the facts about breast cancer, lays bare the obstacles to getting treatment and raises questions about what defines feminine beauty. Your support in any amount is appreciated.

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